Kabuto Coin

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First cryptocurrency created by a Kingdom

Our Idea

Kabuto Coin is not only a cryptocurrency, the official means of payment in the Kingdom of Kabuto with which you can pay for services and goods from our citizens - from Medical consultations to Sport Center tickets.

Kabuto Coin primarily acts as a member share in the micronation, which allows the owners of the largest number of the cryptocurrency to sit on the advisory board and thereby guide the development of the micronation.

In the future after raising money from KBC cryptocurrency, Kabuto is planning to buy its own Island to create a Tax Free Haven.

Island for Kabuto

All enclaves in the world have limited sovereignty, as a result of dependence on a neighboring country that is much stronger. However, in order to gain full independence, small states are often being established on different islands.

Unfortunately, no-man's-land is hard to find nowadays, thus we need to buy it. Few significant states on the Caribbean islands are now safe-heavens for many rich of the world. However, we want to own an island to set our rules.

Depending on the place in the world where we buy the island (which depends on the success of the project and the funds raised), the way to get full autonomy is a matter of months.

KBC & Island State

Like the Dominican Republic has its Dominican pesos, so Kabuto must own its own currency. Going with the spirit of time it will be the cryptocurrency - KBC, which will be used to pay taxes in Kabuto, rent the land and buy other goods. Since the KBC is based on the modern ETH blockchain, it is supported by all wallets and applications related to this popular cryptocurrency.

Taxes in micronation

As in other tax havens, on Kabuto Island you will be able to normally run a business and have its headquarters.

However, we must keep in mind that some countries have restrictions on tax residency and impose taxes regardless of business location.

Kingdom of Kabuto

The Kingdom of Kabuto is one of several dozen world micronations, also called micro-states. It was established on the basis of the fulfilled criteria of international law and its territories are located next to Canada, but it also has enclaves with limited sovereignty in Poland and Croatia.

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75 km2


7.7 bln

Total KBC

Noble Titles

The Kingdom of Kabuto has six Noble Titles. Each Kabuto Coin package is rewarded with a wonderful addition that is an act of gratitude for your participation in the development of the micronation.

It is a unique and only opportunity to get a real noble title that is eternal and inherited.


Price 99 USD


2 000
Price 499 USD


4 000
Price 999 USD


20 000
5 1 000
Price 4 999 USD


200 000
10 20 000
Price 49 999 USD


1 000 000
20 200 000
Price 249 999 USD

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Why Kabuto Coin


Kabuto cryptocurrency is based on micronation, its quantity is constant, without the possibility of adding coins, which guarantees a stable value.

Built on ETH

Kabuto Coin is based on Ethereum blockchain which guarantees access to the newest, innovative solutions provided by the community.


By using KBC you will be able to pay for services offered by The Kingdom and its citizens. The number of partners increases with each month.


With KBC you will be able to conduct business without taxes or any hidden costs.


By investing in KBC you're becoming shareholder in the fast developing micronation.


Kabuto Coin is based on popular Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees stability and security of transactions.



We're available to help at hello@kabutocoin.com